Monday, April 5, 2021

Back at it again. Thankfully.

I cannot believe how long it's been since my last post. Last year was clearly a wash. I did get to travel to Australia and New Zealand in January before COVID-19 closed the world. I also published my latest book,  Logie Bear's Adventure Down Under. I taught myself about converting vacation videos to QR Codes and embedding them in my book to make it interactive. It was fun learning something new.

This year, after receiving both Pfizer vaccine shots, I am working on getting back to whatever a normal life is now. I remain safe while masking, sanitizing,  washing my hands and distancing,  but we eat in restaurants and hug our family.

I am in an online publishing school and continue keeping my brain active and creative by learning about the business of self-publishing. It has been so important to stay active and positive.  Life is hard enough and negative energy is everywhere. I continue to "be the light". I am grateful for my good health and all my blessings.

Stay well, my friends,  and wear your mask. Sending Love. Spring is here! Peace.