Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What fills my cup?

I watched a video this morning made by a SC family friend who, in my opinion, has taken on the role of "Preacher for Humanity". I noticed recently that he has been making videos, but didn't bother to watch one. Today I did, and the theme was, "What fills up your cup?" He was actually quite articulate and the video inspired me to answer his question. Thanks, Jimbo. Here it is.

My "cup runneth over" most times when I am in Nature. We just arrived back at our lake house in SC on Lake Murray last night. Over coffee on the deck this morning, we just sat and listened. Many types of bird song, and most especially the primal squawk of Heron, really touch my heart. The birds live in and epitomize Harmony to me. I missed getting a great photo of a beautiful Heron standing majestically under our dock. (S)He stood like a statue waiting for a fish to swim by. I have never been so close to one. It didn't even care I was there! I loved that, and felt at one with it in that moment.

Flowers make me smile. If they have a glorious smell, I am even happier. But even without a smell, the colors; shapes of the blooms and petal details fascinate me. I love trying to capture those details with my phone camera. Capturing just the right shot makes me very happy. I love sharing my art too, because Art brings happiness to every heart.
I love clouds. Looking up at the sky has been a fascination for me since those childhood days laying on the lawn trying to figure out what a cloud formation resembles. I still do it! When light shines through the clouds looking like the finger of God touching the earth, my heart is moved. When clouds fill the sky and a little patch of beautiful blue shows through, I am in awe.

I love to sing. Music has always filled my spirit. As a child and especially as a teenager, I listened to my records and the radio for hours; writing down lyrics to memorize, and singing along trying to carry a note as long as the professional performing it. Today I sing in the Greater Tiverton Community Chorus, and I cannot relay enough how the harmonies we perform in concert fill my cup. My heart gets so full sometimes with a sacred song's beauty, I get all choked up and cannot sing at all. These moments can get embarrassing, but that is also the beauty of singing in a large group. One can hide momentary lapses, and just feel what the music makes one feel. Music moves people's hearts. I love that.

Last, but certainly not least, spending time with my family fills my cup. My son's smile. Smelling that clean, powdery smell of a baby. The way my husband treats me to all the little things I least
expect. The way my adorable puppies wag their tails in anticipation of soliciting a treat. All these special people and critters fill my cup, my heart, with Love.

As Jimbo said in his video this morning, all these blessings are free! These types of gifts are my favorites, and fill my cup to the top. Thank you, Jimbo, for reminding me to appreciate them once more. Now I will get out of my jammies, and go for a walk on this glorious, sunny day. The ability to walk is surely another great gift. I have to keep moving it before I lost it, right?

Now. What fills YOUR cup?