Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Red 2

What's better than watching a very classy Helen Mirren wielding a gun like she was born to do it? She can do anything as an actor. I just love watching her. This movie had me laughing out loud. Several times. It was funny with great explosions and special effects. The drama was good and the twists intelligent. We really liked it and found it incredibly entertaining.

The talented cast highlighted a credit list of seemingly hundreds of stunt people, drivers and many others; filming in Canada, Paris, Hong Kong, Moscow and the US. There is a company called, "Pixel Liberation Front". Really.

This is a story about an operative named Frank, played by the incomparable Bruce Willis,  who tries to retire and live a normal, albeit boring, life with his girlfriend, Sarah, played by Mary Louise Parker. Watching Mary Louise play a bored, silly ninny turned make-out queen killer was really fun. I just love her. She really came into herself as an actor in the Showtime TV series, Weeds. John Malkovich played the most normal role I've seen him portray in a while as Frank's best friend, Marvin. Marvin fakes his own death and shows up to save Frank's ass, pissing his friend off and taking us on the beginning of a wild ride.

Anthony Hopkins was magnificent as the genius Dr. Bailey, locked up by England's MI6 in an insane asylum prison for thirty-two years for inventing the ultimate nuclear bomb, then hiding it under the Kremlin. The US wants it, the Kremlin wants it and Iran wants it. But who will end up with it in the end? Getting there is half the fun. All the aged agents are brought back together to find the bomb and settle old scores. There's great fighting, especially from Byung-hun Lee as Han, who played "the best contract killer in the world". Plus, he's a real hotty. Go see this entertaining and exciting movie. It's worth the ride and you'll get a few laughs out of it to boot.