Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day

My Dad and My Son
Happy Father's Day! I love that our society created holidays to celebrate the humans' need to emote and express with Joy. It is always important to acknowledge and celebrate Love. I love my father. I love that my son is a new father. I love that he got a father to love in adulthood. I love that my husband became a father and a grandfather through me. I love that I fulfilled my fatherly role to the best of my ability. Not only did I bear and raise a child, I was the father substitute for my siblings growing up. Fathers rock!

Fathers also have a bad rep. There are men who seeded children who are not fathers. There are fathers who never learned how to Love. There are angry, bitter fathers. But, there are also fathers who weren't allowed to try. And, there are fathers who prefer just not to know. They are detached.

Fatherhood is important. Fatherly Love is critical, like Motherly Love. In an ideal world, both are required to raise healthy children. When one man and one woman are not possible or desired, the roles should nevertheless be maintained at some reasonable level. The roles being preserved should be respected and make a positive difference in a young Life. Fathers matter. Have you heard Kelly Clarkson's new song, Piece by Piece? Her last American Idol performance as the first season winner fourteen years ago will make you cry. She sings about her father and her husband. It is a very powerful song about fathers and men. I love that it reached number one on the charts.

Fatherhood is necessary. Human beings are masculine and feminine. We have combined genes from our mothers and our fathers. We are social beings who need Connection, Acceptance and Love. We need Fathers as much as we need Mothers. Sometimes it does take a Village to raise a child. I bought Hillary's book on the subject way back in 1996. Family matters. Family is the social network in which we live and hopefully thrive. In a good way. Families vary in size and structure. Sometimes in society, we try to put round family pegs into square societal holes. Differences are important. We are all different. Viva la difference!

Parents are required. Parenting, mentoring, and guidance are needed. They are also extremely hard to Live. They are difficult to practice. It is one thing to think and believe a behavior, and another to do it. Especially if your goal is to do it well and with a positive effect. If a parent makes a mistake or misbehaves, they must try again and strive to be better. There is no handbook on how to parent. Everybody is different. Every situation is different.There are common denominators, but many other variables affecting any given situation.

Forgiveness is required. Sometimes, we must forgive a parent, a child or ourselves. Self forgiveness can be the most difficult. But it is important to persevere, so Love can survive and thrive. Love will survive. And, Love will overcome fear. Fathers and Mothers teach Love. They demonstrate Love. Hopefully, we all strive to learn to love Unconditionally. This is the most difficult Love of all to Live. Unconditional Love is possible. Does one love a dog or cat unconditionally? Why would a person deserve any less Love than a beloved pet?
My Son and His Son

When you remember your father, your husband, your brother, your grandfather, your uncle, your cousin, your son, or your friend, remember that Love reigns today! We are celebrating our Love of Fathers. We have created this day to celebrate our Love. Happy Father's Day!