Friday, February 1, 2019

My Bucket List

I will turn age seventy on July first. My "Bucket List" is looming large right now. I keep wondering how I will celebrate this momentous birthday. I am going to Ireland in September, but that trip doesn't seem like the celebration I had in mind. I've been to Ireland a couple times now. There are places I haven't been yet, but I don't think I will go to any of those places this year.

I decided that this year will be the "year of firsts". I snowshoed for the first time last month. I got Larry and I tickets to my first opera (Tosca) at the Met in New York City next month. I just published my first book, and created a company around it: Logie Bear & Friends Adventures. These accomplishments feel really, really good. I am checking off my "List". What's next?

I am taking a trip to Washington, DC with my book club. I haven't traveled with them yet. I am going to visit the 911 Museum in April with a girlfriend with whom I visited the 911 Memorial, but couldn't get into the museum. This time we will. And, we're using Airbnb to stay in a studio apartment in Chinatown while we're there. That is definitely a first. I will visit a friend from childhood at her home in Maine for the first time with several other friends from my childhood. I am grateful to still have those friends in my life, and that history to keep me grounded.

I'm not sure what other "firsts" I will accomplish this year. As a "first" occurs to me, I will decide if I want to do it, and just do it! This is the year of "Just do it!" Nike was right. It's time to stop saying, "Someday..." Someday has arrived! In the spring, I will also take my grandson to see the dinosaur park in Connecticut. I also volunteered to find out how to create something smaller in Weetamoo Woods here in Tiverton, RI.

This is not a "first", but it is a commitment I have continued. I still sing with The Greater Tiverton Community Chorus. Singing lifts my spirit and keeps my Joy alive. It also challenges my brain, and it made me stop smoking pot! I'd rather sing. Actually, this was a first. I once thought I'd never stop smoking. Revelation!

Seventy will be a wonderful age, and this will be a great year. I am healthy and I am the happiest I have ever been. I feel nothing but blessed and grateful. I can't wait to see what the rest of this year will bring. I hope your year holds new adventures too! Namaste.