Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Hopelessness, Isolation and Fear

 In the late 1970's, I felt hopeless. I understood in that moment over a period of months what people who live in hopelessness could be experiencing. Feelings of hopelessness are painful. They make you feel "less than" and take away your power. Feeling powerless instills fear, and fear begins to create a need for isolating oneself from the world. Isolation begins a cycle of living in the dark recesses of your mind. Those dark places are not healthy. Giant monsters live in that darkness. Those monsters begin to eat away at your healthy core. Once your psychological and spiritual core has been depleted, the damaging effects manifest in your physical core causing illness and dis-ease.

Isolating oneself from the world includes your family and closest friends. If you do not let anyone know you are hurting, nobody can help you. How do we as people who love you, and would be devastated by your loss, try to help if we have no idea what's behind your smile? Please speak your pain. Please reach out to whoever feels safest to you. Please don't leave.

My prayer for all those who are hiding their pain and are thinking of taking themselves from our midst is this: May the Light of Divine Love illuminate all the dark places in every heart and mind. May you open your heart and mind to Divine Love's healing power. In receiving Divine Love, you are lifted out of the mire of despair and placed gently on the path of Happiness once more. May you be open to receiving Love and Happiness. Amen.